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“Julio Marc” Provincial Museum

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Provincial Museum Rosario

Provincial Museum Rosario

Through its important collection, the Museum preserves, researches and disseminate  local, regional and national history. It houses many artefacts form various South American cultures.
Located in the heart of  the Independence Park, it has more than 30 rooms housing artefacts of Hispanic art, coins and medals, objects and textiles from pre-Columbian cultures, and a large quantity of weapons, making  all its assets invaluable.

Parque de la Independencia – Phone (+54) 341 472 1457


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Decorative Arts Museum “Firma and Odile Estevez”

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Decorative Arts Museum “Firma and Odile Estevez”

Former private house filled with amazing and eclectic artworks turned museum.  The Firma y Odilo Estévez Municipal Decorative Art Museum (in Spanish, Museo de Arte Decorativo Firma y Odilo Estévez) is the former home of the Estévez family in Rosario, Argentina, which was donated to the Municipality of Rosario in 1966 and was turned into a museumin 1968.

It showcases a permanent exhibition of artwork that was gathered by the Estévez family during almost 30 years, including Spanish furniture from the 16th, 17th and 18th century and copies of 18th-century French furniture; a collection of European paintings, including a Goya and a David; a number of sculptures; works in ivory, glass, porcelain, jade, and silver (European, pre-Columbian and Asian); tapestries, carpets, and fans.


It has a beautiful courtyard with a recently restaured fountain.




Santa Fe 748 – Phone (+54) 341 480 2547 – http://www.museoestevez.gov.ar/

Decorative Arts Museum

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Macro – Museum of Contemporary Arts Rosario

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Macro – Museum of Contemporary Arts Rosario

It is the most important collection of contemporary art in Argentina. The Macro owes its creation to the desire to display some key artworks by contemporary artists, such as the etchings of the “Juanito Laguna” series by Antonio Berni (rewarded at the Venice Biennale in 1962), The “Concepto Espacial” (1951) by Lucio Fontana, works by Di Tella and other local artists the 60’s, alongside comtemporary Argentinean and international artists.

The Macro is located on the river front on the site of the former grain silos known as the Silos Davis, which were part of the port infrastructure during the early twentieth century.
Bv. Orono and Rio – Phone (+54) 341 480 4981- http://www.macromuseo.org.ar/


Spring in Rosario

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Fine Arts Museum “Juan B. Castagnino”

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Fine Arts Museum “Juan B. Castagnino”

Facing the Independence Park, it is the most important museum outside Buenos Aires. In its beautiful building, opened in 1936, is displayed an amazing fine art collection with over 3,000 works of art.

It has a temporary collection and two permanent collections: European Paintings from the fifteenth to the twentieth century and Argentinean Paintings. You will find works by Ribera, Goya, Sisley, Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Fader, Petorutti, Spilimbergo, Quinquela Martin, Berni, Soldi, Musto, Schiavoni, Ouvard, Guido, Lucio Fontana and Gambartes, among others.

Av. Pellegrini y Bv. Oroño – Phone (+54) 341 480 2542  – http://www.museocastagnino.org.ar/

fine arts museum castagnino

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Teaching English in Rosario

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English-speaking jobs in Rosario

Teaching English may not be your best option in Buenos Aires as there is a lot of competition from Argentines who are well educated and have good commands of English and also from native English speakers who are tempted to live the South American adventure and decide to live in Buenos Aires for a while.

However, the competition is not so fierce in Rosario. All in all, teaching English at a school or institute doesn’t pay much but if you are looking for a temporary solution (say 2/3 months), it could be a good option especially in Rosario.

I have decide to compile a quick list of the some of the English language schools in Rosario, Argentina to help you in your job hunting.

Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa

Asociacion Rosarina de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Americano.

Move Up

Rosario Idiomas

English Language Institute

Global Idiomas

Masters Idiomas

Toolset – English for Babies and Toddlers

Kids and Fun English Corner

Best of luck in your search!

PS: Do a little bit of research on each one of them and then get in touch with them directly to see if they are looking for staff.  I cannot make any recommendations as I don’t know any of them personally and don’t know their recruitment  process but I thought this list could be handy if you are looking for an English-speaking job in Rosario. Be creative in your approach, they may not need someone to teach but may need help with admin tasks or sales, you never know.

PPS: No need to send me your CV or details of your job search; I am not a recruitment agent.

If you are looking for other types of jobs in Rosario, here is a selection from Careerjet.co.uk

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Want to explore Rosario’s river this summer?

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For me, the main attraction of Rosario during the summer is the Parana river and its associated water activities.
To name a few, you can do:


kayak en Rosario


Go on a boat ride to explore the Parana Viejo

Boat ride on the Parana River

Go to the beach



Wind surf

Kite Surf on the island

Go sailing

Kayak with Leo from Animo


Go speed boating

Island Explorer Rosario

Here is a great summary of some of the things to do with names and contact details of the companies offering these activities on the website of Rosario Tourism Office.

River, Beach and Island Activities

Enjoy your stay in Rosario this summer!

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Rosario Walking Tours – Zone 1 – River

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Things to do in Rosario- Walking Tours

Rosario could be divided up in 4 areas and depending on your interest or the weather you could explore a zone in half a day.

Zone 1 – River walk

This is my personal favourite! I invite you to discover Rosario and its river.

You could start the walk near the National Flag Memorial ( make sure to take the time to go up the Memorial and admire the vast sandbanks across the city), then down to the Fluvial Port. There, you can stop for a quick coffee or a bit to eat at one of the cafes alongside the river. Then follow the river, pass the Tourist Information Centre and the beautiful building of the Customs. Then you will reach the lower part of the Spanish Park and its brand new promenade, complete with the design museum, a children’s play area and an outdoor skating rink.

Up the steps will be the upper part of the Spanish Park, with another nice selection of cafes and restaurants (most of the them with terrace overlooking the river), the perfect spot for lunch, for an afternoon drink or a refreshing ice cream.

Our walk will finish at the former grain silos ( Silos Davis) transformed into the City Modern Art Museum. It is worth mentioning these 2 nice establishments, Queens River and Davis.

Here are some of the highlights of this walk: (Fluvial Port, Spanish Park, Steps of the Spanish Park and the Modern Art Museum (MACRO))

Highlights of the River Walk, Rosario Argentina

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