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Rosario is the 3rd largest city in Argentina, some 300km from Buenos Aires. Sometimes called the little Buenos Aires, Rosario is well known amongst the Argentines but not so much for the rest of the world.

Flag Monument - Rosario, Argentina

With over a 1million inhabitants and a modern urban development, Rosario has a lot to offer. You can spent the morning walking around the city centre, stop for a coffee at the famous Bar El Cairo, go to a museum mid-morning, enjoy a lunch at one of the river-front restaurants and within a matter of minutes spend the afternoon venturing in the sandbanks of the vast Alto Delta of the Paraná.

Falabella, Cordoba Street, Rosario, Argentina

The Paraná river is definitely one of the main attractions of Rosario and it connects many parts of the city,  from the beaches of La Florida to the green and open space of the Spanish Park on one side and the islands on the other side. It is always a pleasure to watch it change colour depending on the weather and the time of the day.

Whether you are planning your next holiday in Argentina or looking for some information about Rosario, Rosario Connection aims is to give you all the information necessary to discover and enjoy the beautiful city of Rosario.

Within this website, you will find a wide range of information about Rosario such as tourism in Argentina and Rosario, living, working, studying, investing, setting up a business and doing charity work in Rosario.Beach of Rosario Central Club, Rosario Argentina

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Below is promotional video made by the City Council to promote Rosario at a national level.

In 2010, Rosario was chosen as one of the Emerging Destinations by TripAdvisor® in their 2010 Travelers’ Choice® Destination Awards.

Rosario, the best place to live

 However there is still a lot to do, locally and internationally to place Rosario on the map of Argentina major tourist destinations such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Patagonia and the North West region. The good thing about it is that Rosario and its inhabitants will welcome you with open arms and will be so proud to show you around their beloved city.

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