Where to Stay in Rosario

Rosario has a wide range of accommodation solutions and it shouldn’t be a problem to find somewhere to stay that meets your needs. You will find every types of accommodation ranging from 5-star hotels to family pensions, hostels and private accommodation via AirBnB.

Here is a very short list of venues. I will be updating this page as I am visiting more venues or receive direct recommendations.

Please get in touch if you need any information about a specific area or neighborhood of Rosario.


Hotels in Rosario ($100+ per night)

  • Hotels – 5* (from $120US)

 The great thing about staying in a five star hotel in Argentina or anywhere in South America is that you can get great luxury at an affordable price.

Hotel Pullman (5*) within the complex of “Rosario City Center” or Hotel Ross Tower (5*) near the river are the only 5 star hotels in Rosario. Both have amazing Spa facilities for guests and if you are not staying there, you can get a day pass, well worth the money on a very sunny day.

  • Hotels – 3* and 4*(under $150US)

For under $150USD, there is a vast choice of hotels in Rosario and you will certainly not have any problem finding an accommodation that fits with your budget or your style.

To name a few: there is the beautiful Esplendor Savoy Rosario (4*) in the center near the pedestrian area of Calle Cordoba, then both the Merit Majestic Hotel Rosario (3*) and the Holiday Inn Rosario (3*) are also very safe choices.


Apartment Rental ($100-$50 per night per person)

There is a small selection of apartment rentals in Rosario, you can rent out a fully furnished flat in the city center usually located near the Parana river for as little as $65US per day. A luxury apartment for 2 would cost you approximately $100US per day.
Please get in touch if you need any help in finding an apartment rental in Rosario.

Hostels ($30-$10 per night per person)

There are many hostels in Rosario and most of them are based in the city center.

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