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Connecting Rosario, Argentina to the rest of the world.

RosarioConnection.com is a project promoting Rosario in Argentina.  This is the ultimate guide to Rosario’s best restaurants, bars, museums, activities and city escapes. The only English guide to Rosario, Argentina, written by experts and local residents, featuring how to get to the city, where to stay, when to go and how to get around.

Logo Rosario ConectionMy aim is that Rosario Connection becomes the first source of information for anyone planning to visit Rosario, Argentina whether it is a temporary or permanent stay, for pleasure or work.

I am inviting organisations and people around the world to connect with institutions in Rosario, Argentina. It would be great to create a red of local and international organisations that would work together and facilitate business and partnerships with each other.

About Me

Sabine PanneauMy name is Sabine Panneau, I am a French expat who moved to Rosario in 2010. I decided to create Rosario Connection after realising that I couldn’t find much information (in English nor French) about Rosario while planning my move to the city! I found it quite hard to find relevant information about living and working in Rosario and when I did find some sites, most were in Spanish

Like anyone moving to a new city, I wanted to know more about the city itself, what to do, what are the main attractions, where are the best restaurants, etc. and then when I started looking for a job or a place to live, I didn’t find relevant information. As a marketer, I naturally spend a lot of time online but I soon realized that there was a serious gap so after about a year in Rosario, I decided to create this website to help others discover this little known Argentine city.

Since then I created another blog helping expats get started online and fast-forward their results through personal branding and social media marketing. I truly became Location Independent and I am now helping others to do so. Check out my other website: Anywhere in the World

Que haces acá? No es mejor vivir allá?

I often get asked by Argentines why I decided to come and live here in Rosario and why I am not choosing to live in Europe instead. Many Argentines after the 2001 crisis moved to Europe and in search of a better life and they don’t understand how come a European would do the reverse path. Obviously there isn’t a straight answer to their question but I always say that I came here because of love and in the end I fell in love with the country and the city!

Get in touch if you need any further information: info@rosarioconnection.com

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