Studying in Rosario

1 – Studying Spanish in Rosario

Studying abroad is probably the best way of completing an academic education. Whether you are joining a university within your study field or just taking classes in a language school to learn a new language or improve on your skills, the study of any foreign language is a wonderful means of expanding your cultural horizons and disciplining your mind.

I have been lucky enough to study foreign languages for most of my teens and adult life and the most successful way has always been in-country study programs. Since 1997, I have taken classes of English in London, German in Berlin and Spanish in Valencia, Spain and Rosario, Argentina and became fluent in all 3 languages.

So many people are taking the opportunity of travelling around South America to improve on their Spanish skills and Rosario is the perfect place to stop and learn (enjoy, I should say!).

Spanish language in Rosario

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2 – Studying at a One of the Universities in Rosario

Rosario has a really good selection of public and private universities and many international students choose Rosario as part of their Study Abroad program or enroll in one of the Master programs offered here.

Remember that public universities are free in Argentina and the education tends to be of a high level. Private universities will have better facilities closer to the standard of European and North-American universities and it will be reflected in their tuition fees.

National University of Rosario

Catholic University of La Plata

National Technological University

Austral University

Italian University Institute of Rosario

University of the Latin American Educational Center


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