One day in Rosario

Rosario is often referred to as the little Buenos Aires and is the traditional weekend getaway for many Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires). It is the perfect city to be explored by foot and we have designed an itinerary for you to explore Rosario, discover its most attractive assets and learn more about its history.
This one-day circuit can be done in approximately 3 hours depending if you stop for a little bit of browsing on Cordoba Street, for a nice coffee or decide to visit a museum on your way.
One day Rosario

Plaza 25 de Mayo

The 25 de Mayo Square is the heart of the historical centre of Rosario.
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Cathedral Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary
Main Post Office
City Hall
Decorative Arts Museum

National Flag Memorial

Also in the area
Malvinas Memorial
Fluvial Port and bars
Art and craft street market

CEC Rosario

Also in the area
Design Museum

Spanish Cultural Centre Rosario

Also in the area
Spanish Park and Steps
Tourist Information Centre

MACRO Rosario

The Museum of Modern Art of Rosario is housed in the former grain silos known as the Silos Davis, which were part of the port infrastructure during the early twentieth century.
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Silos Davis Bar
Open air Art and Craft Markets and Antiques fairs
Oroño Boulevard

Plaza San Martin

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Museum of Memory
Santa Fe Governmental Buildings
Natural Sciences Museum
Shopping del Siglo (Shops/Bars/Restaurants and Cinema)

El Cairo Restaurant

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Main pedestrian street of Rosario - Córdoba Street