Apart from Brazil, most countries in South America have at least one really top casino to game at these days, with these being the best ones in each of the major destinations:


If you want casino quantity, Argentina is definitely the place to pick. However most of them do not really compete with those in places like Mexico in terms of quality, making the Casino Puerto Madero and the Rosario City Center the only two you should concentrate on. The first one is located in Buenos Aires and doesn’t look promising from the exterior as, behind the façade, it is essentially two dilapidated river boats. The interior is in far better condition though, and if roulette is your passion, you will love it – because this is definitely the big casino game here. The Rosario City Center is one of the largest in South America.


Despite not really getting started in terms of casino until a change to the gambling legislation in 2004, Mexico has been very busy catching up ever since. The casino not to miss here is the spectacular Caliente, which has become the centre of casino gaming there since it was launched in 2008, thanks to its size and the unbeatable array of slot machines and table games found inside. There are thousands of games here, making it somewhere you could feasibly spend your entire South American trip.


The Conrad Casino in Uruguay is somewhere that is a match for Caliente – but it is a very different proposition. This is an older casino, with far more historic value and prestige, so it will be preferred if you want to combine your gaming with a chance to learn a bit about the country and casino you are playing in. However the games you will play there are cutting edge rather than nostalgic, making it an interesting mix of new and old world. If there are some games you aren’t sure of, you may want to check them out for free at an online casino like http://www.mobilecasino.co.nz before placing your money on the table.


The tiniest of South American countries will not be top of anyone’s list when thinking of casino locations there – but the Golden Truly Casino in Paramaribo is well worth making a pilgrimage to. It’s nowhere near as big as most of the others on this list, but being out of the way, also makes it one of the best South American casinos if you want to limit the number of loud tourists you play alongside.