What’s on in November in Rosario?

If you are in Rosario between Friday 4th and Sunday 13th of November 2011, I highly recommend you to attend the 27th Festival of Communities (Colectividades) in Rosario, near the National Flag Monument. The festival is representative of the diverse culture melting pot of the city Rosario and will represent nearly 50 countries or communities from 5 continents.

Organisers are expecting over 1 millions visitors during this 10-day festival, which is open from 8.30pm to 0.30am Monday to Friday and until 1.30am on weekends. General entrance to the festival is free, each food stand charge their own prices.

Every night there are shows on the main stage as well as smaller shows on the dozen of small stages scattered around the site. You will be able to learn a little bit more about each communities, listen to their traditional music and watch some folkloric dancing.

You will also be able to sample food from all around the world such as kebabs from the Middle East, grilled meat such as anticuchos from Peru or smoked sausages from Poland, souvlaki from Greece, tamales from Northern Argentina, sushi from Japan, Paella from Spain or Sauerkraut from Slovenia (Don’t worry if you are vegetarian, many of the countries offer vegetarian dishes). Each country also offers a selection of  their national drinks, such as caipirinha from Brazil, Guinness from Ireland and beer from Germany,  to  name a few…

A must attend annual event in Rosario! Get in touch if you need any more information.