“Life, love and happiness in Rosario, Argentina’s third largest city” Here is how Alex from the website Expat Everywhere summarised our interview for her site. A couple of weeks ago, she got in touch via Internations and asked me if I would like to share my story as an expat in Argentina and as an online business entrepreneur.

I really enjoyed responding to her questions and it made me think a lot about my situation and the reasons why I am creating this website on Rosario and my other website  for expats around the world.

Here is just one on the interview questions:

    • What were your first impressions on arriving in Argentina – was it much of a culture shock?

As soon as we landed, my boyfriend and I headed to the Atlantic coast for a week-long beach holiday near Mar del Plata – it was February and snowing in Europe so it was a great start for my Argentine adventure!  We spent the following week in his home village in the Santa Fe province and this was my first experience of rural Argentina.  I fell in-love with the big open spaces, the horses and the estancias, or ranches.  It may sound like a cliché but horses are still very important in the Gaucho, or cowboy, lifestyle, and I was lucky to experience that in Santa Isabel. Then, we settled in Rosario and, just like any big city, it has its advantages and drawbacks.  My first impression of Argentina was really good and not so much of a culture shock, it is quite Mediterranean.


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