Finding work in Rosario

Since I have been living in Argentina, a lot of people have asked me about English-speaking jobs in Argentina. 

Obviously, I always recommend to create their own job opportunity rather than to look for an onsite job. But for many travellers, this is also the opportunity to live with locals for a little while and meet new people while working.

I would recommend you to check sites like LinkedIn, and

Check out on LinkedIn for larger companies in Rosario (Software / Consulting, etc.) and send a CV or better go to their offices and ask to speak to someone in the HR department.

In Argentina, your past experience and qualifications are important to be able to find a good job but above all,  it will be your connections that will matter most. So if you speak Spanish, go to conferences and professional events in Rosario and network, network, network!

Teaching English in Rosario

English-speaking jobs in Rosario Teaching English may not be your best option in Buenos Aires as there is a lot of competition from Argentines who are well educated and have good commands of English and also from native English speakers who are tempted to live the...

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US Taxes for Expatriates Residing in Argentina

Guest post by By I.J. Zemelman, EA, TaxesforExpats Tax obligations and filing requirements for United States Citizens and Green Card holders living and working in Argentina are basically the same as they would be if you lived and worked anywhere else in the...

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Job in Rosario

Move Up is looking for English Teachers in Rosario.  Applications should be sent to   ---- This is just one example of English teaching jobs in Rosario. Check out this section to found out about teaching jobs at English Institutes and Schools...

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Hostel Work in Rosario

Ever thought of working while travelling? There are many things you can do in order to raise some money while travelling such as travel writing, selling hotel and restaurant reviews, selling your travel photos, monetising your travel blog, teaching English, etc......

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