Ever thought of working while travelling?
There are many things you can do in order to raise some money while travelling such as travel writing, selling hotel and restaurant reviews, selling your travel photos, monetising your travel blog, teaching English, etc…

Working in hostels, although you don’t actually get a salary, is one option that should not excluded. Working in hostels abroad is a great way to supplement your travel budget and to stay on the road longer.

As explained on Hostelworking.com, “hostel jobs abroad are typically very informal and you may be rewarded with a free place to stay, free food, and sometimes even meager pay. Types of jobs in hostels vary widely, from gardening to cleaning rooms to technical computer work.  If you have special skills such as building websites, bartending, play an instrument, or paint you have a better chance of finding work.  Most budget travellers never realize how many times they could have stayed for free had they just offered their services!  It may be helpful to stay in the hostel for a while to build trust and a relationship with the family before you ask for work.  Offer your time for just a couple of hours a day or for just one task such as weeding the garden. As they see you can be trusted, you will be given more jobs.”


I just came across an ad for placement in a hostel in Rosario who is looking for a receptionist/cleaner. See below:

Nov/Dec 2011 – La Mansion del Nomada, hostel in the city centre of Rosario is looking for a responsible and charismatic person willing to work in their hostel in Rosario (Santa Fe – Argentina).
Previous experience in hostels or tourism activities preferred.
Languages knowledge.
In exchange for accommodation and some extra payment.
Here is the link to this placement offer – La  Mansion del Nomada