Very often I get asked the same question about meeting new people in Rosario and particularly meeting expats or English-speaking people in Rosario (American, Canadian, Irish, British, Australian, Dutch, Japanese, French, Belgian, you name it!).

So I have decided to give you my 4.5 tips if you want to meet Expats in Rosario.

1 – Learn Spanish at my favourite school in Rosario as soon as you arrive and you are bound to meet many travellers and local expats.

2 – Attend one the events organised by Barlingual (bilingual events English/Spanish) and spend a fun evening speaking with a mix of expats and local residents.

3 – Attend one of the intercambios, multi-language exchange night, which usually take place on Tuesdays at the “Chamuyera” Bar – (Corrientes 1380) – more info

4 -  Check out on Google for blogs written by expats living in Rosario (there are quite a few) and why not get in touch with them.

4.5 – Organise your own event and get in touch with people directly. (There is nothing easier than that with Facebook, Twitter, Couch Surfing forum, expat forums, etc…) For instance, 4 months ago I decided to start my own expat meet up (French speaking people living in Rosario) and we now meet on the first Thursday of the month for a fun night where we share our stories, meet new people and of course speak French!!!

So make sure to check out these tips and get in touch if you want to know more about expats in Rosario.