You would think that a country credited globally as the mecca of polo would have polo matches every weekends everywhere around the country but you’re wrong. Unfortunately, unless you are in Buenos Aires or in the South of the province of Santa Fe, it will be hard to find and watch a polo match.  As mentioned, there are 2 main areas with active polo clubs and they can be found in the Capital Federal (in and around Buenos Aires) and the South of the Santa Fe province ( in and around Venado Tuerto).

If you are travelling to Argentina in October 2011, you will get a change to catch some great polo tournaments during the IX FIP World Championship in San Luis.

In the final World Cup stages preliminary matches will be played at the Estancia Grande Polo Club in San Luis province. The competition will then move to the Argentine Association of Polo’s big national polo stadium at Palermo in Buenos Aires.

If you want to get first hand experience of polo, I would recommend Argentina Polo Day in Pilar.  You will get a chance to spend a day outdoors, watch polo where it’s played best and enjoy excellent local cuisine at any time of the year and is located just 50km from the city of Buenos Aires. Argentina Polo Day is rated the #1 Attraction in Buenos Aires by Trip Advisor, recommended by Lonely Planet.